Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pray for the Outcast and Abandoned

A reoccurring thing that I see at my school is that many kids are left out. Kids are picked on a lot. They are teased and made fun of, and also in some cases ignored. These kids end up being left out of many things. When they try to make friends or talk to someone, they are just downright ignored. Many people in my school only want to hangout with people who are like them or are cool. They don't want to be caught dead with someone that others consider, uncool, nerdy, stupid and even ugly.

This is situation at my school and many others all over the world, has been around since Jesus' time. In fact a good example of this is Jesus healing the lepers! The lepers were the outcasts. They were considered ugly, dirty, filthy and stinky. They were driven out of the city. They were ignore and made fun of when they came to the city or the gate. However, Jesus looked passed this! He befriended them! He healed them! He accepted them!

This is exactly what we are supposed to do! We are called to respect everyone and accept everyone! We are called to be Christ for others! Christ accepted everyone that was different, so why shouldn't we?!!! God calls us to love our neighbor! What some people wonder is "who is my neighbor?" God's answer to this is.....Everyone! We must love everyone, just as God loves everyone, no matter how dirty or uncool they are! We have love the same!

Another good example of how we should love one another is St. Peter Claver! He became a missionary and teacher to the slaves imported. They needed friends! They needed someone to feel their pain with them! They needed someone to love them!St. Peter is a great model for us in this situation! We must love one another also!

This prayer was taken from Common Catholic This prayer is for all who suffer rejection and are outcast.

For Those Who Suffer

For those who suffer,

and those who cry this night,

give them repose, Lord;

a pause in their burdens.

Let there be minutes

where they experience peace,

not of man

but of angels.

Love them, Lord,

when others cannot.

Hold them, Lord,

when we fail with human arms.

Hear their prayers

and give them the ability to hear You back

in whatever language they best understand.



  1. Hello John -

    Your "Knowledge" > being Christ to others, is a gift of the Holy Spirit. With this knowledge you can change the world. Yes - one person can change the world. THAT is our faith.

    And to have this "knowledge" at a young age is wonderful. Practice it - use it. If you haven't worked in a soup kitchen yet - do it. The poor will teach you - sanctify you. I can attest to that.

    When you return to my blog (I am grateful when you do), scroll all the way down to the bottom. I posted a picture of a man who worked the soup kitchens in Newark NJ for many years. A good friend of Mother Teresa. He was my first teacher. He taught me to be "Christ to others." He went home to God a year ago.

    * Sponsa Cristi's new post has a video you may like. Check it out >

    God bless you!

  2. John,
    You never cease to amaze me with your God given insight. It is rare to see in someone so young. Your post this morning shows that you are seeking Christ in everyone and recognizing Him.The rejection you speak of that goes on in schools also, unfortunately goes on in the adult world as well.Thank you for sharing your thoughts and that beautiful prayer as well.
    God Bless!

  3. Bless you, John. The Holy Spirit is pouring His gifts into you. I love reading your posts. The song "Everything" was playing when I got on. We truly have everything if we have Him. It makes me sad when people treat others poorly. We are all one in Christ.

  4. John,
    You are an inspiration to others!

    You are a blessing to all of us and I am sure those you go to school with. May you be able to help those who are broken.

    Give mom a big hug from me!

  5. I am so happy that those kids at your school have YOU among them John.
    Once, when I was your age...I shamed myself by taking part in the ridicule of a certain girl in my class...this was NOT my nature...but on that occasion I had given in to HAUNTED me all of my life...I prayed and prayed and prayed and begged our Lord to somehow, some way give me the opportunity to find that girl and apologize...well, this past year...HE DID!!!
    I found her quite "by accident/providence" on a classmates site online...I wrote to her and told her who I was...and doubting that she recalled the incident...I explained it anyway...and said how deeply, truly sorry I was...and how blessed I felt that God had answered my prayer some 25 years later...she wrote back...forgiving me...(and YES she still remembered every moment of it)
    I teach my children that when we speak...we give LIFE to our words and we can't take them back...praise God for allowing those of us who have sinned in this way to make amends.
    Thanks for your post John.