Monday, August 3, 2009

Doing things for God's glory alone!

I recently attended an all-night vigil with my mom at St. Francis Seminary. The many events at this vigil were; mass, adoration, an outdoor procession and a chance to listen to speakers talking about vocations! The rector of the seminary, Fr. Don Hying, gave a beautiful homily! Since this vigil landed on the feast day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Fr. Don incorporated one of his quotes, " Only for God's glory," into it. I think that this is a perfect quote to live by. So many times in our lives, we do things for ourselves. We begin to forget the real reason why we do things in our lives. Sometimes we begin to do things just to gain attention, to get publicity and popularity.

We must remember that we are to be doing things not for ourselves, but for God! We must give praise to God in what ever we do. We must do things, so that when others see them, they see God's good gifts that He has given us! We must remember who gave us our gifts and oppurtunities to use them for giving Him glory! :)


  1. Wonderful John! You did a great job of capturing the gist of the homily and applying it to your life and all lives. I also enjoyed that evening very much, it was so beautiful! I'm so glad that I can share these occasions of Mass and prayer with you! Love you!

  2. Your Anne's son! Your mom is one incredible lady! I'll pray for you during this discernment process. I am meeting so many wonderful bloggers! God is good!

  3. "Ad Majorem Dei gloriam" same meaning, which is attributed to St. Ignatius of Loyola.

    John, I am very proud of you! I also want to point out that your mentioning of your mother on your posts is a sign of a good relationship that you two share. You are both blessed!