Saturday, August 15, 2009

Loyal Friend and Visitor Award! :)

My friend Karinann at Daughter of the King has awarded me as a loyal friend and visitor on her blog! Thank you again Karinann! :)
So I would like to give my own " Loyal Friend and Visitor Award " to Brian from A Book about Everything. Brian writes such beautiful and inspiring posts and helps encourage me to continue blogging! Please feel free to visit his blog and keep him in your prayers! Thank you so much for visiting my blog everyone! :)

Also, I would like to add a big thank you to Esther from Catholic Mom in Hawaii for giving me the loyal friend and visitor award as well! God Bless You!

1 comment:

  1. John -

    So very kind of you. Thank you. With such a hectic schedule - it's hard to post all the things that you would like - but I try.

    Your blog is truly awesome! Please continue to pray for me, as I will pray for you. I begin two new classes again in September, "Sacraments" and "Christian Anthropology." Classes are at night - by 9PM an old guy like me is nodding out - don't know what I'd do without the digital recorder!

    God bless!