Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Driving! :) ( Jesus take the wheel)

Last week was my last class of drivers ed! So this means I get to start driving with my temporary license! Yay! My Mom and my Dad have taken me out driving everyday the past two weeks! I am constantly learning more and more each day!

The song " Jesus take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood is perfect for me right now and I often pray this! These words give me comfort and they ease my nerves!
These words should give all of us comfort because we need Jesus to take the wheel in all of our lives, but not just during driving. We ask Jesus to take the wheel during our many struggles and storms that we deal with everyday. He always hears and answers our prayer.

Please pray for me each day as I go practice driving! I will pray for you also so that Jesus " takes the wheel" and helps you overcome whatever struggles and trials you go through! :)

God Bless!


  1. John,
    Congratulations on the temporary license. I will definitely keep your driving in my prayers and Jesus Take the Wheel is a good theme song for all of us- on and off the road!
    Love the playlist!
    God Bless!

  2. Hi, John! That's great news. Your headline caught my attention because I also have a post called Jesus Take the Wheel and like yours it is about driving and also about giving ourselves to Him. AH! How brilliant minds think alike![just kidding] I will definitely pray for you; for this and your other intentions. Handing Jesus the wheel of my car is symbolic of handing Him the wheel of my life
    as it is with you. I wish all young people had your wisdom.

  3. Congratulations John...big privilege/big responsibility!!!
    Enjoy your new "view" of God's world from the driver's seat!
    BE SAFE and know that you are in our prayers:)

  4. Congrats on the temp. License.

    I remember teaching my son - it was very difficult. I remember once he went through a stop sign and I just freaked out!! He still remembers. (he's now 31 and married!) Well, it was me who was the problem. I made him VERY nervous. I had to learn patience!!!

    I have learned it! I pickup many children in my van every Sunday morning at the MC sisters mission. The kids make a mess out of my van - candy, gum.... and more. But I don't care - it's AOK - I have PATIENCE. And that only comes from God. I thank God for this gift - I thank Him for more to come, if he so desires.

    God bless you - be careful - you will become a great driver - and maybe someday you will do some work with the MC sisters - picking up children - bringing them to Mass - teaching them Gods's word. You can do it - you will do it. It is all part of His Great Plan -

    Get ready !.......

  5. That sounds like a good homily I would like to hear!

    Many blessings your way, John. Continue to perservere in love for and faith in God. With Jesus, we will never go wrong!

    Check out my teens' blogs. My girls are very much in love with the Lord also.

    Cy - http://theresesroses.blogspot.com/
    Charity Therese - http://sanctespiritus.blogspot.com/


  6. Dear John, thank you for reminding me about how challenging it is to be a young person with your own 'struggles and storms'. As an adult, I want to remember that. Words of wisdom John!

  7. My son got his permit now the question, should we teach him or should we hire someone to do it.
    BTW, there is a little something for you on my blog.

  8. Bro, I will continue to pray for you...now in a very special way as you get your permit. Do you have a Sacred Heart badge for you car? Let me know if you do not. Anyway, the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" is one of my all-time favorite country songs; it rings true in all that we do in our lives, and definitely is a prayer within this humble seminarian's vocation. I find that you must always remember that Jesus is the one in control...He's the boss and must remain so. He is the center of a vocation; He and His Blessed Mother. It's important for everyone to remember this; if not, everything falls apart, and we end up crashing and getting into accidents. Thanks for talking about the song too!

  9. "Jesus Take the Wheel" is a really perfect song for times like this!
    I remember one homily that I don't think I'll ever forget I heard some time ago - Something about giving Jesus the keys to the car (kind of like your life :) ) and let HIM drive your life instead of you. ...Then the priest continued on saying something like:

    "Only with friends you trust you'd give the keys of your car to drive. Jesus is the perfect person to give the keys to :) (Not like he'll crash your car :P ) But it's a real challenge to do something like that..."

    Kind of scary sometimes, but it's always exciting to know where Christ may be driving you to! Kind of like a little kid bouncing up and down in the car when the parent's going to take him/her to a surprise place! :)
    Praying for you! :D