Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Tomorrow is the St. Francis De Sales Seminary's Annul picnic! Last year I attended this picnic with my family and we all had a blast getting to meet Archbishop Dolan at his house, and have dinner with him! We also had a chance to meet the seminarians, some from the summer camp that I attended the past year, and others that I had never met before! There are raffles to participate in, chances to catch up with old friends and make new ones! Finally, just being outdoors and on the edge of the cool seminary woods makes the whole experience even better!:) Please keep me and all of those who are discerning God's call, in your prayers! You are all in mine!

Thank you!:)
Also this link is to a great song that really inspires me! Feel free to check it out!:)



  1. Love the picture John! I'm jealous that you get to go to the picnic and I don't! Remember to pray for me while you're there!

  2. John,
    Have a great time at the picnic. Thanks for the video; I love 10th Ave. North.

  3. Hello John !

    Wish I was going to a picnic! One of my closest friends, together 50 years!, is a priest and chaplain of Seton Hall University. When he was in seminary, we would all go visit him in North N. Jersey - the seminary had many many acres of land - we would have bar-b-cue's , play softball, swim - we had so much fun.

    Here is a good artcile about Archbishop Dolan -


    God bless !