Saturday, June 27, 2009

" Conformation"

So many people today do not live as they should. They don't live like the people they were created to be by the Holy Father. Instead they get into their heads that they are not good enough as the person that they were created to be. They feel they are not cool enough, smart enough, strong enough or brave enough. So instead of being themselves they change or conform to others whom they feel fit into the so-called " empty-spots" in their lives.

They begin to very slowly change into this other person whom they consider greater than they are. They begin to change their clothes because they are " cooler" then what they had. These people begin to change their speech also. They start to use words they never used before but decided to now because it's " cool" or "other people say it so I can too."

Very quickly they change their own personality and the things that make them who they are. All of a sudden they are no longer their own special person, but they are now a "carbon-copy" of someone else! Now they have changed they very people God created them to be . I confess that I am sometimes like this also.

But now there is a new person to belike! There is a new person to model after! There is a new person to conform to! This person is Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate person to become like to conform to! Jesus is the ultimate attraction because of His self-giving. He holds nothing back! He is a hero! He went to death for us so we could be free! Now this is someone to conform to! This is someone we should strive to be!

We should all become like Christ because his Father is the very person who created us to be ourselves and to follow His Son. We shouldn't be someone we are not, but someone that we are. We are children of God, born and raised to worship Him, adore Him and conform to Him! So we have to accept Him into our hearts and be His people that we were created to be. We are called to be children of God!


  1. Beautifully put John! Just wonderfully put! We must be true to ourselves and most importantly true to Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, and Holy Mother Church. You put your post on "Conformation" into a splendid definition of how to be true to Jesus. We cannot allow bad and harmful peer pressure take over our personality; if we do, we grow in our weakness. We must be ourselves, and most importantly in doing so become the living Christ among each other.

  2. Great! Love the creative title!

  3. Whenever we tried as children to imitate someone else my father would say 'Just be yourself, you'll be silly enough!'