Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Sunday of Advent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone! Since this is the first Sunday of Advent, I thought I might post this poem that I wrote when I was in seventh grade. I submitted it into a contest, but unfortunately I didn't win, but I did get my poem published in a book! Anyway here is my poem. Enjoy:)

The True Leader

I was walking in the woods one day,
one day to try to find, something about a legend, a legend I wished to find.
It was dark and very frightening, the day I picked to go,
but with my very eyes I saw a star so bright and low.
It gave me such a feeling, so warm, so calm, so healing.
It led into a very small town, a town named after bread,
there I saw a babe, with nothing more than hay to rest his head.
When I saw this simple resting place I felt a sense of shame.
I looked around at his mother and father and asked them for his name.
They kindly gave it to me with such confidence it shook the Earth.
“His name is Jesus!” they said. “A true born leader from his birth!”


  1. Nice poem. You know, there is a very nice book out about Jesus as servant leader. I use it to train the leaders who work for me. You might like to read it some time.

  2. Poetry and wisdom seems to be a gift that runs in your family :) Yours showed even at a young age. God bless you, John! Thanks for the Advent treat!

  3. Happy Advent to you and yours in preparation to celebrate His birth.

    God bless you.

  4. Congratulations, John! I am so proud of you! You and your dear mother are such good poets.