Sunday, November 15, 2009

Believe Part Three

The second day of tryouts approached and I was geared up and ready to go! After school, I went down to the locker room and quickly got dressed. As I got dressed I prayed again for God to give me the grace to do my very best and realize that that was all that I could do. After praying I hurried up to the gym with renewed confidence. This second day of tryouts turned out great. I worked hard, hustling, shooting, jumping, diving, blocking shots and passing. Best of all the other kids trying out were leaving me alone! It felt good to play and not have anybody yelling at you and making fun of you. I was doing the best I could do!

After the tryouts were over, the coach came and told us that they will now be deciding who would make the team. The told us to go back down to the locker room and change. Then they would go into a room and call each one of us in to tell us if we made the team. I was so nervous. When I was waiting for my turn to go in to the room, I over heard some of the kids talking. They were telling each other that they wouldn't care if they didn't make the team because otherwise they would be having practice everyday after school. When it was my turn, I was still very nervous. It felt like I was going to confession because it was just me and the coach in the room. When I went in, the coach asked me what my name was. As I told him he looked down at his list. Then he looked up at me and told me that I had made the team. He told me that he and the other coaches liked what they saw from me. Then they gave me a list of what time practices were at. He shook my hand and congratulated me.

After coming out of the room, I was so filled with joy. All of the hardships that I endured with the other kids trying out and the car accident earlier in the year didn't matter now! I had overcome them! I was so happy! Now that I had made the team, I was ready to help the team out in any way that I could. This was one of the best days ever during my Freshman year. I had worked so hard to make the team, now I had to continue to work hard to find my place on it. This was my time to shine! :)

(To Be Continued)

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