Monday, June 6, 2011


The last few days of school are suddenly upon us! This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are each filled with final exams, warm weather, and excitement for the upcoming months of summer. For some, studying for finals is the last thing on their minds. Afterall, who wouldn't want to be outside on a beautiful sunny day?

In some sense, final exam week can be seen as a rollercoaster. The weeks leading up to exams are stressful and intimidating, forcing a student to study long and hard into the night hours. Pressure to score the highest you possibly can, trying to remember everything you learned during the year in each class builds up. Finally, the day arrives and you are on the top of the rollercoaster. Time seems to stand still as you go through every question, sometimes going back and erasing answers you thought were right, only to find out were completely wrong. As you make you way through the last exams, it seems as if you are flying down the steep track of the rollercoaster toward the bright and beautiful light of summer vacation.....And suddenly......the rollercoaster ride of the year slowly comes to an end.

In a way, final exams and the rollercoaster ride you partake in, teach you a lot about life. Final exams are not very enjoyable, but isn't it true that the toughest things that we go through, the things that we do that we feel are unimportant to us at that time make us stronger? It is in these times, when I am feeling stressed that I turn to Christ. Jesus, to me, was a warrior. Even when at times of anguish and sadness, at times when we wanted to give up on what he was called to do, He still continued on, never complaining. Jesus never complained as he took up His cross and took upon himself the sins of the world. If Jesus can do that, than enduring final exams should be no problem. I only pray as I enter into the days of final exams, when the beautiful weather tempts me to slack off and become lazy in my studies, that I will have the strength to take my exams to the absolute best of my ability and then enjoy the wonderful months of summer!

I ask for your prayers for me and all students who are taking final exams in these next couple days. Thank you so much!

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  1. I hope you ace your finals and enjoy your summer, John! I loved the last paragraph of your post - you've learned things already that take many people a lifetime to learn.