Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Believe Part 5 ( The Final Part of the long storyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

As we waited in the doctors office the next day, I could help but feel nervous. The doctor's diagnosis would determine whether or not I would play the rest of the year. As the doctor came out after looking at an x-ray, he told me that my leg looked like it had never fully healed from the accident so long ago! He said that it was fractured. Shocked by this news, I asked him timidly if there was anyway I could continue to play the rest of the basketball season. Looking at me with sympathetic eyes told me that I would not be able to play anymore.

At this I became very sad. I was just starting to get into a rhythm during the middle of the season. Now it looked like I would not be able to play the remainder of the season. The doctor proceeded to say that he wanted me to wear a boot on my leg that reached from my foot all the way up to my knee. This would make it hard for me to walk and go upstairs. I would end up having to wear this boot for three months!After the three months were up the doctor had me go for an MRI at the local Children's hospital. After going for the MRI, they told me that they could not see any signs of the fracture anymore and that I should still continue to wear the boot for a couple weeks and then I would be fine.

After the final weeks of wearing my boot, I could slowly go back to my regular activities. My leg felt incredibly light as the weight of my boot was lifted! It felt so good to be able to feel the breeze and be able to run, jump and play! I was experiencing such joy! Even though basketball by this time, was already over I could not wait until next year to come back strong and fully healthy! This had been a crazy freshman year, but I was grateful for everything that had happened. I was grateful that I had not been critically injured during the accident. I was also grateful that I was able to make my high school's basketball team despite all that I had gone through! I was grateful for being able to play as long as I could with the team until my departure.

Even throughout my hardships, I still maintained a positive attitude. I did not let things get me down even when the odds were against me! When I was injured from the accident, I did not let that stop me from going to school the day after and continuing my education. When I went out for my basketball team and was made fun of, I did not give up! I kept working hard and eventually made the team! When I was forced to quit the team due to my reoccurring injury due to the accident, I maintained a positive attitude because I knew I would over come it! I was grateful for my hardships, trials and sufferings because they made me strong! For St. Paul says, " The Lord uses the weak to lead the strong."

Epilogue: The story you have just read for the past weeks that began with my retelling of the car accident that I was in and led up to my being well enough to make the basketball team at my school, was in deed a true story. This happened last year. I assure you that I am fully healed now and am back to my normal life! I hope that I did not scare anyone into thinking that this was something that had just happened. I was just re-explaining the events of last year. Thank you all for your patience as I wrote each story with a "to be continued". I know how much the suspense was killing you!:) Thank you all for reading my stories of my past.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!:)



  1. OH!!!!! Are we allowed to cry here (?)... because I am crying did not tell me I would need TISSUES at the end of this story!!!
    Thanks so much for letting us step back in time with you are a wonderful writer...and I am so happy that your physical health has been completely restored. I am also thankful for the wonderful example you have set...and have been using your fortitude and perseverance to teach my kids some valuable life lessons!
    I hope you will consider doing more stories in the future!
    My, but your life is VERY exciting! LOL
    God bless you John and THANKS!

  2. Hi Judy!

    Sorry about not telling you about whether or not you would need tissues!:)
    Thank you for all of your wonderful comments!
    I do not deserve your praise, but if my stories of the past help teach life lessons, then Thanks Be To God! I will be posting more stories from my past in the near future. Again thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments.

    God Bless you, your family, your friends and whatever good you do! :)


  3. Thank you for being a good writer -- we need that more often in the Catholic teen market these days, you know. (Sorry, it's just that my pet peeve for blogs in this field is that they sometimes lack substance. Your blog has substance. And yes, that was a compliment!)

    Also, have you checked out any books about my patron, the Cure' d'Ars? He's going to be essential reading if you want to become a priest. (And apparently, he's also essential reading for even a vocation to the nunhood, as I am going through. I kinda admire him for his brutal commitment to truth, even though I can't join the priesthood as a woman.)

    Well, those are just my two cents there as a fellow teen blogger at (Sorry that this seems like I was in a hurry -- I'm trying to get beat my 11:00 deadline here at EST.)

    God bless you through Mary and St. Jean Vianney, and may God bless the Earth!