Friday, November 6, 2009

Believe Part Three of A Day I Will Never Forget

My week in a wheelchair passed so quickly! When I felt ready, I could begin doing regular activities again! It felt so good to be outside and active! The first thing that I wanted to do when I was able to go outside was go out and play basketball!
I am a die-hard basketball fan and player.I played it all throughout grade school and I absolutely loved it. Now, after homework is done, you can bet that I will be outside shooting around in my backyard.

During my 8th grade year, schools had two kinds of teams. One, the A team, which is like the varsity team for grade school, and the other was the B team, the team that everyone else who didn't make the A team would be on. I was on the B team both my 7th and 8th grade years. Not once didn't I make the A team.

Last year( my freshman year), I was determined to change all of that! I was willing to work very hard in order to make the team. Every night after school I would be shooting around at our families' homemade basketball hoop. I was certain that was going to make it.

However as the months progressed leading up to tryouts, my hopes and dreams were nearly trashed. Kids at school were telling me that I would not be able to make it. They told me that I was not good enough to make it and that I should just save myself the embarrassment and just not tryout. On top of this, I was still regaining my strength in my leg after that terrible car accident. One time at a youth group meeting, I told all of my friends that I was trying out for my high school's team. A junior from my school who was in the youth group too, interrupted me while I was expressing my dream and told me that I was never going to make it and that I should just give up. Again my dream was shattered. I was completely heart broken. I began doubting myself, wondering if I should even try out at all. I began forgetting to practice every night after homework. I began to feel depressed. I began to lose all hope.

The week before tryouts however, I began to somehow gain back my confidence. I realized that I had a good enough chance as anyone to make the team. Throughout the week, I frantically tried to get back into shape in time for tryouts. I knew that if I planned to make the team, I would have to give all that I had. I knew that I could hold nothing back. I knew that nobody could take my dreams away from me. I had to take my dreams and run. I had to take my dreams and turn them into reality.

- To be continued

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  1. I don't know how this story ends...but I sure hope that YOU GO FOR IT JOHN!!!!!!!!!!