Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Letter to President Obama about his speech to the United Nations

I wrote this letter to President Obama after he gave his United Nations Address about the attack on the American Embassy in Libya. I wrote this not because I am endorsing either party or candidate, but that I wanted to let President Obama know that we, as the American people know when a candidate sways his opinions, but continues to speak of their support for things they do not believe in or are trying to undo. I wanted to point out that we have a voice and a vote and that we can make a difference. We just need to pay attention to things that are being said. I have posted this letter and I have mailed it to the White House. I pray for the conversion of President Obama and all congressional leaders, that they may lead us with integrity and courage.

Dear Mr. President,

My name is John Bender and I am a college seminarian studying to be a Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I recently saw in my local newspaper that you had given an address to the United Nations about the attacks on the United States Embassy in Libya. I just wanted to write you a letter about a few things that I, as a young voter picked up on about your speech.

You spoke about the topic of freedom. You spoke about the freedom of religion that America has, and how you believe that everyone should have this right. I find this ironic because in our America today, you are pushing the Catholic Church and other religious denominations to put aside our religious beliefs and instead support things that go against the very things that we believe in. I found it ironic that you could be telling the United Nations that in America, we have the freedom to believe what we want to believe, yet you are trying to take that away from us.

Mr. President, you stated that there is “no excuse for the killing of innocents.” You were talking about the innocent lives that were killed during the attack on the American Embassy. I could not help but notice however that despite your statement, you still continue to support and are an advocate for the very acts of abortion, which destroy so many innocent lives each and every day. I find it ironic that you speak of ending violence, but you still stand to support the malicious and unspeakable acts of aborting human life. I am not saying that the attacks on the American Embassy were not violent or malicious, but I wonder why you speak 
on certain topics when you clearly are supportive of un-Christian acts.

This November will be the first Presidential election that I get the chance to vote in. I have been paying very close attention to you and to Governor Romney, the speeches you give and the beliefs that you both have. I understand that everybody has different beliefs and feelings about everything. I ask you however, to please refrain from changing your opinions on things as the election draws closer. It is not helpful to the voters when you continue to support things that go against the very essence of life, happiness and the belief of God. Mr. President, I feel that you are constantly changing your words around and are misleading the voters of our country. I wonder why if you support something, why do you lie to the United Nations and to our country. Please stay with your opinions, and do not try to express anything that you yourself do not believe. Our country needs good men, who do not change their views just to obtain votes and who do not lie to the American public about the current state of our country. Please know that I pray for your conversion each and every day.


John Bender

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