Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fantastic Day with Father Matthew Widder

My family and I always invite priests to have dinner with us. Last night we had my friend Father Matthew Widder, a priest who had just been ordained this May! He was at the seminary camps that I attended each of the past three years. I consider him a very good friend, because we still kept in contact during the years after the summer camps. Father Matthew had dinner with us, joined us in a tremendous battle of basketball, and even gave a special blessing upon our new guinea pig Daisy!
Father Matthew is an inspiration to me, and is one of the reasons that I am discerning a call to become a priest too! Thank you Father Matthew for spending time with us and may God bless you.


  1. He looks so young. That's also what I thought recently went I went to confession with a very complex issue with a just-ordained priest. Nonetheless, after his first wide-eyed look at me, clearly he was given divine insight and turned out to be a wonderful confessor. Good luck to you, John. It is an inspired profession.

  2. John, I love that your family invites priests to dinner. What a blessing!

  3. I am so glad that your family enjoys such special friendships with the priests in your lives! Truly, this brings a wholeness and a completeness to the term "parish family" doesn't it?