Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh Lord Open my Lips and My Mouth Will Proclaim Your Praise

Today was my school's monthly All-School Mass! Since I am in the choir, I was asked to sing a solo! Despite my nervousness, I prayed to the Lord to help me to sing his praises to the best of my ability. Sure enough, God heard my prayer and helped me to sing my best for Him! One of the best parts about being able to sing today, was that my mom was in attendance!( Thanks Mom!):)

However, what came next was much better! A boy that I had met at school last year named Max who had been thinking about being a priest too! Max had to get up in front of the school and talk to the Juniors about how they should be good role models for us next year after Mass! What really struck me was that he shared his thought of becoming a priest with the whole school in his speech! This was so brave and so awe-inspiring! I wish I had the courage to be able to do that! Max is such a good role model of how I want to be! What a great ending to a great Mass! God Bless you Max and may God always be with you and help you continue to discern your call to the priesthood! May all of us continue to pray for those who are discerning as well!

Below is the song that I sang for Mass today!:) Hope you like just as much as I do!:)


  1. John,
    Congratulations on the solo~not an easy song to sing especially in front of the whole school.
    We need more young men like you and Max. Prayers for you both!

  2. Your mom said you did awesome!I'll go check it out.

  3. Way to go John! So glad your mom was there to share in the JOY of your song!
    Hope you don't mind...but I visited the link you have here and I liked the song so much I'm going to use it for Shawntele's Music Monday meme tomorrow!
    THANKS and please know that you are always in our prayers...I hear there's another young man in your house that needs prayers for discernment as well!

  4. God bless Max and you too John. My priest in England asked me to say a few words at Sunday Mass on why I wanted to be a priest. I was very nervous, but did it. Afterwards lots of parishioners said they thought I would make a good priest (I hope so) and that they would pray for me. More importantly, two altar servers said they wanted to be priests and they had told nobody before.
    Lots of people will admire and support you for proclaiming your vocation.