Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Light to Guide My Path

Lord I am a boat lost at sea in a storm, rocking back and forth uncontrollably. When I am out of control and am sailing away from You, You anchor me down and steer me in your direction. You keep me from harm and look out for me always.

When I am sailing blindly into the treacherous rocks of temptation and sin, you are a lighthouse to shed light so I do not wash up on shore and you light the way in which I should go.

And when I am broken and have washed up on the shore, you build me up again, you repair me and make me new.

You are my God and I love you. You never let me go. Let me never to be separated from you. You are my life and my God forever.


  1. John, this is so beautiful! I love the picture you chose to accompany your picturesque words!

  2. Hi John
    This is lovely! I grew up on an island and love the sea. I see The face of God in its majestic waves and feel close to heaven when I am beside the ocean. My friend's father was a lighthouse keeper and I spent many weekends with her and her family. So John, I thank you for this lovely post which touched on so many things that I hold dear. God bless you.