Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Weekend!:)

This weekend had to be one of the best I have had in a long time! In the morning, our family went to the Seminary to participate in the second annual St. Vincent De Paul Walk for the Poor! It was so much fun! It was great to do something outdoors in the short-lived beautiful weather! The walk took us along the cool lakefront. To pass the time, we all talked about the exciting events that were coming as the day progressed. After the walk, my family and I packed into our car, and headed off to my little brother and sister's football and volleyball games! They both did great!:)

This weekend was a fantastic way to spend time with my family! It was great to give up our time to help out those that are needed by giving a donation and enjoying each other's company on the walk as well! I wish every weekend was like this! Thank you God for giving us a beautiful day in which to do good for others! Help us to always serve you even during the most dreadful and darkest days of the year!

A quick prayer request for my mom! She is starting a spiritual motherhood apostalate! In this group, my mother will assign other women that join, to a priest. During this assignment, the women prays for the priest she has been assigned in her daily prayers. She will be his spiritual mother! What a beautiful thing to do! My mom is so excited about this.

Just recently, my mom and I went to a local church that had talks about confessions. This was a beautiful service! What was even more beautiful was what happened after. Afterward, my mom met the man behind the whole gathering! She told him about this apostalte she wanted to start. He in turn gave her his card and told her to call him. When she called him, she got a wonderful response! The man told her that he was 100% behind her idea! He told her that he would contact our Bishop with whom he was very good friends with! He told her that he would help her get this idea going! My mom was so happy! She couldn't believe that she was about to do something that would greatly affect our diocese! I am so proud of her! I ask for your prayers for her, that God helps her to get this motherhood apostalate going! Thank you!:)

God Bless,



  1. Your family weekend sounds like SO MUCH FUN John! I hope God blesses you all with MANY more!
    And WOW! GOD BLESS YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! She is an amazing woman...I am so blessed that God has chosen to cross our paths.

    Is the apostolate for your diocese alone?
    Could she assign her ONLINE friends to a priest?
    I would LOVE to participate if that is permitted!

  2. John,
    There is a powerful annointing on your family. The Lord keeps calling me to prayer for you all. I'm glad your mom is doing that, she is a very special lady. May the Lord bless you all!