Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to get back to work!

Well after a wonderful three months away from writing papers, studying for tests and taking the dreaded final exams, its time to go back to work! Today is my first day of school! I'm actually pretty excited because I'm beginning the new school year at a brand new school. I transferred from St. Thomas More to Nathan Hale High School. Starting off at a new school is always challenging but at least I have a couple of friends that I know that go there. That always makes things easier. I'm actually looking forward to school this year, especially having my two younger brothers there with me!

This summer I had a chance to work at my home parish as a summer maintenance helper. I had to clean all the classrooms in the school, clean the church and the entire area surrounding it. It was hard work! It wasn't easy waking up early during the summer to go to work Monday through Friday from six in the morning until two in the afternoon. I learned a lot from this experience though. I learned that taking care of the church is hard work!

A priest could be considered a maintenance worker for the Church. He looks after it, cares for it, rebuilds it when it starts becoming run down. He fixes the places that are broken and weathered. A priest loves the church and would do anything to keep it running smooth so that others can come to it and love it just as he does. I learned that this is how we all should be. The Church needs strong men and women to become like maintenance workers to fix it, love it and nurture it.

This summer taught me a lot of lessons that I will need in my life and I am so glad that I learned them when I did. So as I begin this new school year, I ask for your prayers that I maybe continue to love the Lord and grow closer to Him as well as bringing others closer to Him. I pray that I may become a friend to the friendless, show mercy to those who are not shown mercy and to show love to those who do not feel loved. Please keep me and all children in your prayers as we journey through this new school year.

God Bless!:)



  1. John, this makes me cry! It is so beautiful! I love how you compare a priest's love for the church to a maintenance worker keeping everything running smoothly, especially this-"He fixes the places that are broken and weathered"

    You are such a wonderful blessing to me and to your whole family! Thanks for letting God inside your heart and then giving Him back to the world through your wonderful words and example! I love you! ~Mom

  2. John,
    I enjoyed this blog post very much. Like your mom, I thought the comparison between priest and maintenance worker was spot on! He fixes the places that are broken and weathered. That is so very true. This is why the church gave us the sacrament of reconciliation. God Bless. I hope your school year goes smoothly.

  3. Hi John
    I just discovered your blog and have been reading non stop for a half hour. You are a really good writer and the topics are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I am the pastor of a 90 year old church and your description of the pastors role as maintenance worker is very accurate and its a job that I do with joy.

  4. Hi John~ I have been following your Mom's blog for a little while now. God has given her the gift of beautiful writing and she gives glory right back to Him with what she shares. Like Mother, like Son, you are doing the same. Since we discovered you are discerning, we have added you to our daily prayers and keep your name in our prayer box. Keep shining your light for all to see! God Bless you and Mother Mary guide you ever closer to her Son.