Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Please Pray for Archbishop Francis Cardinal George

Last week was St. Joseph's College Seminary's Dedication of the Chapel, celebrated by Archbishop Francis Cardinal George. I was honored to have the opportunity to serve for him and then meet him for the first time during the reception afterward. I was so happy to have his blessing for a successful first year of college as well. It was an amazing feeling to know that he is praying for me and my brother seminarians.

Although he has all of us in his prayers, it is he who needs prayers the most. Cardinal George will be undergoing chemotherapy tomorrow. It was announced last month that cancer had been detected in his liver and right kidney. This is his second bout with cancer, but the first time he will need to undergo chemotherapy.

As the shepherd of this Archdiocese of Chicago, it is our duty to pray for him as he has so often done for us, and support him as he enters into this difficult time.

Please feel free to write to him and let him know of your support and prayers.

Email: www.archchicago.org.

Mailing Address:  Francis Cardinal George, OMI,
                               Archbishop of Chicago,
              835 North Rush Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.

The Cardinal will receive each message that is sent.

May God continue to bless and protect him.

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