Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy World Priest Day!:)

Since today is World Priest Day, we must pray that all priests continue to do God's work here on Earth by serving all of us! Please remember to tell them how thankful you are for all the wonderful things they do.

Speaking of priests, a priest that is very dear to my family, is coming to my parish to speak to the youth in our community. My parish is starting to get a new youth group going. We had one last year that I participated in but it was only active for sometime because it was run by college students who were graduating at the end of the year. This year however, the youth group is revived! The adults who are helping plan this group's functions, have invited the rector of the seminary Fr. Don Hying, whom my family knows very well to come and speak to our youth! Now this is truly what being a priest is all about! He is truly doing the work of God. He is being put on the spot, not to mention being very busy everyday. He is also not really being given any real topic to talk to us about except for "getting the youth more involved in the life of the church!" The fact that he is taking time out of his busy schedule to come and talk to our youth is just awe-inspiring! Being a priest is all about doing things for others, whether our not you have enough time to do it!

Jesus loved the children and He loved to teach them! This is what the priest is supposed to do. In the past, the youth of our parish have not been active in our church. They are rarely seen at Mass and at church functions and if they are, they are not always happy to be there. The priest is called to teach about God and to bring people closer to Him by using the word of God that he is on fire with! This is what Fr. Don is doing! He is teaching us about God's love and how we can make a difference in our church by being more involved in it!

So I ask for your prayers for Fr. Don especially, amongst your prayers for your priests. Please pray that he has the courage and wisdom to talk to the youth of my parish, so that we may be able to make a difference. Thank you!:)

Please say this prayer for priests with me-

A Prayer for Priests

In this Year of the Priest, O God, we ask Your blessing on those You have called to priestly ministry. May they, above all, be faithful and passionate followers of Your beloved Son, Jesus.

May they be compassionate, as Jesus was, toward all who seek spiritual comfort and forgiveness. May they open wide their hearts to all in need of Your merciful embrace.

May they be teachers, as Jesus was, steeped in Your Word and teaching, on fire with it, and breaking it open for all who are hungry for Your holy and transforming Word.

May they be prophets, as Jesus was, speaking courageously for what is right and true, proclaiming Your kingdom to all in need of Your grace and giving voice to all Your children, especially the poor and marginalized.

May they be prayerful, as Jesus was, hearts burning within them and set upon You above all.
From rising of the sun to its setting, may they be the voice of praise and thanksgiving, and of faith, hope, and love to all in their care.

St. John Vianney, beloved priest of God, pray for us, and for all your brother priests.



  1. John, I assure you...YOU already MAKE A DIFFERENCE! May God continue to use you and your gifts to spread His love to other youth in your parish community! I encourage you to encourage THEM to implement ways for teens to serve WITH their families; parents and siblings...thus bringing the idea of service to a fullness that I feel tends to be missing when we separate teens unto their own group....


  2. Hi Judy!:)

    Thanks for commenting! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I will take them into perspective:)


  3. John, I am so proud of you! Your heart is full of love, which makes me want to praise our God!

    I am definitely praying... May all the youth in the parish hear God's voice and, of course, for Fr. Ho to be rejuvenated so he can be a priest that truly represents Christ.

    Thank you, John. You are an inspiration.