Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall is here!:)

Wow, it has been so cold lately here in Wisconsin! Fall came so early this year, but I love it! I love the way the leaves crunch loudly under my feet. I love breathing in the cool air as it blows the leaves around me on blustery days. I love to rake up leaves and then being able to jump into them with my brothers and sisters. Fall is so beautiful. :) Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Yes John, I love fall as much as you do, and I especially love that you enjoy raking leaves so I don't have to! :) Thanks for leaving me the fun of jumping in the leaf piles! I see why you like Dashboard Confessional so much-fun song!

  2. YEP! I sure DO love it like you do!
    When I look out my dining room window, I feel as though I have stepped into GOD'S PAINTED MASTERPIECE! Good guy rakin' all those leaves for you Mom, ha ha!

  3. Here in the UK the trees have turned a golden brown but the leaves have not fallen yet.

    Yes I love the colours of autumn (fall) but not so much the cold.

    Years ago the dried leaves mixed with moisture from the mist made a thin layer on the ground and caused me an accident. Although I put the brakes on, my car continued sliding forward and hit the stationary car in front.

    No one was hurt. It was dark and as my car was damaged more than the other one in front the other driver drove off happily.

    The next morning I discovered bits of the other car's back bumper stuck in the front grill of my car.

    God bless.