Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Crosses that we bear

To each and everyone of us, God has given a cross. He has given us a cross so that while we carry it, we may become like Christ! God gives us a cross so that we become like Christ because we suffer and throughout it all we will continue to have and grow in faith in God and trust in Him that everything will be all right! We notice this in Jesus! Jesus, while suffering and crying in the Garden cowering in fear while praying to the Father, realized instantly that God would be with Him and that God would never leave His side! We must have the same attitude! We must never think that God is abandoning us and is punishing us by giving us a cross, but I think we should rejoice and be glad because God wants us to grow in trust, faith, and hope in Him! He is giving us an opportunity to suffer just like Christ did although we do not face the same cross that He bore in order to demolish man's sin!

Another thing that we should remember is that God would never give us a cross that He knew we couldn't handle! We may sometimes think that God is giving us the hardest cross to bear of all! However, God is giving us very easy crosses compared to Jesus'. We must believe that our Father is giving each and everyone one of us a cross that He knows we can carry for however long he wants! We must not be afraid, sad, and full of misery and depression, but we should be glad that we like Christ, are also carrying a cross that we can overcome just like Christ overcame His Cross when he rose from the dead! So indeed God does what He knows we can handle! Indeed Father knows best!

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  1. John, you remind me of King David. When he was young he already had wisdom and heavenly insight beyond his years. God has surely blessed you!