Friday, July 3, 2009

Computers are confusing!

This week for me has been a trying one! The main reason for this is because the computer had a really bad connection! This was terrible because my family practically "thrives" on the computer! My whole family had to wait for this day to come so our "beloved" computer would be good as new! We were very anxious and apprehensive to see what the news would be and if it would cost, but with a lot of prayers we finally discovered the problem! Our tree in our backyard was wrapping around the electrical wire! I must say that it feels great to finally be back on the computer after a very long 5 days! This week taught me that I must have a great deal of patience dealing with anything in life! I must have faith and hope and trust in the Lord that everything will be alright! I am so glad that He has decided to answer my prayer! Thanks be to God!


  1. Times like this are also a good opportunity to do a spiritual check-up and see if you're attached to the computer more than you're attached to Christ - I know I've struggled with this problem and still do.

  2. ha ha...I think I remember your mom stressin' a little about that too!