Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poem protraying YOU KNOW WHO!

I entered this poem into a contest. Unfortunately it didn't win but I still think that it is a great poem! Enjoy!


I created the World.

I created it to bring you joy, beauty, happiness.

I created it for you to bring you peace, prosperity and knowledge of my power and wisdom.

I created Human Life.

I created it to make the world a brighter place.

I created it to give me joy.

I gave humans the opportunity to live with me in paradise in the garden.

I created everything to give them happiness, pleasure and the knowledge of my great love for them.

I knew all about them even before I created them.

I knew all of their plans, desires, thoughts, wishes, wonders.

I knew all about their minds.

I knew how weak they were.

I knew that no matter how much of myself I gave out to them,

they would not care for it.

Instead they would only care about worldly things like money and power.

They would not care for my plans for them.

They did not want to live in accord with me, but wanted to live separate from me.

I became angry.

I was hurt.

I was troubled!

I was so sad that these people would rather live in the dark then the light.

I had a plan to save them that would be the greatest mystery the world would ever see.

My plan was to send my only Son to them. He was to teach them my ways and my special plan for each of them, and most importantly he was to take their sin.

He was to perform the ultimate sacrifice by taking the sins of everyone on earth.

I was willing to give up my Son whom I loved, so that I could save you and live in your hearts.

Come all who can hear!

Give up your ways, just as I gave up my Son!

Listen to my words of Salvation!

Bring all your troubles!

Bring all your fear!

Bring all your sins!

I thirst for these so that I may wash and cleanse you and make you whole again!

I long for you!

Turn from your ways!

Take even a step toward me and I will run the rest of the way to you!

Oh Beautiful People whom I have created in my image come and bask in my light!

Come and sit in my presence so that I can tell you how much I love you!

I died for you to show you how much I love you and that I want you to be with me in Heaven!

Blessed are those who hear me!

Open your hearts for I will come into them and will live in you forever!

How wonderful are you who follow my ways!

Let me wrap my arms around you!

Let me pour out my love to you!

I forgive you of your wrong doing.

I forgive you of your sins.

I will always forgive and love you!

Come to me!

Oh my people, I stand at your doors and knock!

Please open so that I may enter and live with you forever and ever!



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  2. Beautiful! I like poetry, too. This is very insightful. Are you sure your not an old man pretending to be young? lol!

  3. John, I had to come back and reread this. I sense a prophetic gift here. The Holy Spirit pours His gifts on hearts that are open to Him. When I read your poem I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me. When I was young I also wrote poetry similar to this and later I was realized it was the early seed of a prophetic gift. People tend to forget about these gifts nowadays,but they are given to people to build up His Church and to help others. May His Word dwell richly in you!

  4. 'Give up your ways, just as I gave up my Son!' - so beautifully said.