Friday, March 25, 2011

Lenten Struggles

Hi everybody! I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been under a lot of stress lately. I try not to let others know how I am feeling, but it seems like everything overwhelms me. School has been rough for me trying to keep grades up and improve the ones that are not so great. I have become very lazy and often I pass on doing my homework right away, in order to do the things that I consider more important. I know that school is very important and that in order to get into colleges I need to put forth all the effort that I have into my school work. Everything seems to bother me and overwhelm me.

My Lenten promises that I made, small sacrifices meant to strengthen my relationship with God and give me a small taste of what it feels like to give up something you love and exchange it for a deeper bond with Christ are hard to give up. It is hard for me to stick with them. I feel like my relationship with God is sort of faltering. I feel so far away from his presence and his love. Perhaps I might be feeling this way because of the church season? Lent after all, is often viewed as a sad reflective church season.

Although I feel far away from and unworthy of God's love, I realize that even though this season of Lent is a sad and reflective season because we reflect upon the death of our Lord Jesus, but it can also be seen as a season of joy! We can see this as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Christ by looking on what we are struggling with and then going to God with our arms wide open and trusting in him to take complete care of us. This season may seem to be sad, but it does not have to be our mindset. We can have a happy and joyful Lent, one that can deepen our relationship with our God who loves us despite our struggles and problems.

A Blessed Lent Everyone!