Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Vocation

We all are called to a vocation in life. Some are called to be doctors. Others are called to be police officers or firefighters. Still others are called to a deeper relationship with God by feeling a call to become a priest, brother, sister or nun.

At the Seminary Camp that I attended, this was the topic of one of Fr. Peter Berger's spiritual talks. Fr. Peter is the associate vocation director at the Seminary of St. Francis De Sales. " We all feel called to a certain vocation," he said. "However we get so wrapped up in thinking and discerning our call to that future vocation that we lose sight of the vocation God is calling us to right now at this very moment. At this moment, God is calling us each to a vocation. This vocation is really very simple. God wants us at this moment, not to worry about the future or our possible future vocation. Rather, God wants us to focus on our vocation to be a good son/daughter to our parents, obeying them and there directions. He wants us to be a good example for our siblings to look up to. He wants us to comfort our brothers/sisters when they are broken and down. God wants to fulfill our vocations that we have been called to right now and then in the near future continue discerning our other vocation."

Today, my little sister Mary was heartbroken when we learned that her pet guinea pig "Benny" had died. My family had a little memorial service for him and we all when around the room and shared stories and good memories that we had of Benny. My sister loved him so much and was very sad. My brothers and I tried very hard to comfort her and make her feel better. As Christians, we are called to comfort and support one another even when they are sad and broken. This is what our vocation is right now. Our vocation is to support one another, to build each other by being a friend to the friendless, bring hope to the hopeless, and joy to those who are sad. My little sister will be getting a new guinea pig tomorrow and we will take extra special care of it. I can't wait to see her heart filled with joy and happiness!

Our vocation is simple. We are being called right now to be a light in the dark. We are called to be a comforter, a shoulder to cry on to our siblings and those around us. We are called as Christians to live our lives for others.

Please pray for my little sister Mary and please pray for anyone who is discerning a vocation in life.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are called to be Real Men for Christ

Just this past week I attended a Seminary Summer Camp at St. Francis De Sales Seminary. The camp was for teenagers thinking about the possibility of priesthood. I have attended this camp for the past two years and every time I come back home feeling totally refreshed and renewed! This year’s camp consisted of praying the Liturgy of Hours and celebrating Holy Mass. There was also time for games, recreation, prayer, adoration and benediction, and I really appreciate the excellent food!

The camp included talks on spirituality and advice to help us in our discernment process toward the priesthood. One of the talks was given by our assistant vocation director for the Seminary, Fr. Peter Berger, who was ordained just 5 years ago. He spoke about a frequent theme in current movies: “In some movies these days, men usually have the following characteristics; they are disrespectful towards women, dishonest, selfish, violent, totally oblivious to the problems of the world, and have no concern for or thought of God. These days so many men are not respectful and honest, yet other young men look up to them saying “This guy is the man!”

Although these men seem to have everything going for them and are looked up to by men and children all over the world, they are the exact opposite of what Christ wants us to be. When we look closely at Christ’s characteristics we see that He treated women with dignity and respect, sacrificed His life for others, and was full of compassion towards the poor and the broken. Christ loved the world and wanted to save it, even if it meant losing His own life. Christ is the true man to look up too. He was such a great man that even Pontius Pilate recognized this when he uttered the words, “Ecce Homo,” which means “Behold the Man.” Jesus Christ was such a great man that even Pilate recognized He was a man who we should follow. Jesus is calling us to been men just like Him. We are called to been men that others can look up to.

As priests we will be called to serve others by sacrificing our own lives. We are called to be real men like Christ. This is what young men are supposed to be looking up to. Christ asks us to follow Him and conform our lives to Him. Please follow Him and become “real men of Christ.” Please pray for all young men who are discerning a call to the priesthood and are called to be real men for Christ.

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