Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Happiness:)

Just recently I had watched a TV program on the subject of happiness. During the program, people on the streets were asked about what made them happy? The most popular answer given was that money was something that gave people true happiness. However some people don't realize that money can not make you truly happy and you can not buy happiness.

Sometimes when you think you are truly happy you become restless. You slowly begin to realize that what you thought would make you happy really makes you not happy at all. You begin to wonder what makes you really happy? Only one person has the best answer. The person is God. God knows what can truly make us happy. Sometimes we think we need more and more things in order to be happy, but we fail to realize that God has already given us everything we need to give us happiness! He has provided us all with a wonderful family, a warm house, friends, His unconditional love and a place with Him in Heaven! What more could we ask for? Sometimes we should just be thankful for what we have.

A great song that deals with this subject of happiness and satisfaction is the song Satisfy by the band Tenth Avenue North. In it the singer is talking to God asking Him to satisfy him with His loving care. He is asking for help. This is a good reminder for us to pray for those who do not have a warm house, a wonderful family or friends. We must pray for God to satisfy them with His love.



  1. Great post John!
    I think that people fail to draw a distinction don't you? "Happiness"...the way the world sees it...is based on "HAPPENINGS"...but those of us who look to GOD to fulfill our deepest longings have TRUE JOY...this is a LASTING HAPPINESS...unlike the temporary "fix" of worldly emotion. I can see that you are a young man who understands that some of God's greatest gifts are found in the simple pleasures of life...home...family...peace...prayer.
    I wish you TRUE HAPPINESS and JOY all the days of your life my friend.

  2. Amen! Awesome post John... He is our Portion and our Cup... how could we ever want anything else than what He gives us? There is more good to be found in simple joys with God than many joys without Him.

    God Bless you!