Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reflection on the Holy Gospel according to Matthew

" If you wish to be perfect go and sell all that you have and then come and follow me."

This is a great verse from the Holy Gospel of Matthew because it teaches us about the importance of charity and giving things up. It teaches us the importance of freely giving to those less fortunate, and to steer away from things of this world and instead turn to Christ. Not only is this exerpt from Matthew talking about giving away the objects of this world that we tightly hold on to, but it is also saying that we need to freely give up ourselves and the way we live.

This verse preached to us by Matthew teaches us how to find out what we truly need in our lives, and that the only way we can discover what we need, which is Christ alone, is by giving up of evil ways. Our lives are so dark, evil, dirty, full of guilt, and sometimes very far from Christ's love. Though this is true, we sometimes forget God's love and how he wants our hearts that are dark, so that He can make them light, joyful, happy, and full of love and zeal for him. God wants us to give up ourselves, our past, and all of our wrong doings. Sometimes we are so full of guilt that we feel that our pasts are too full of evil for us to still be considered God's children.

We must not let our guilt fill us up because God loves us unconditionally! He does not care how much wrong we have done to him in the past! He does not care about our deepest darkest sins that we are often so ashamed of, because He has already conquered our guilt, our sin, our doubts through His Son's dying and rising. We must realize that our sin is already forgiven, and that God will always love us. However we must be willing to come to him and ask of his mercy. God wants us to come to Him so that He may cleanse us from our sins.

And so as this reflection is coming to a close, I wish to share with you a series of lyrics from a song which is so fitting for this reflection on this Gospel verse. The band is a Christian band called Tenth Avenue North and the song is entitled Beloved. Keep in my that this lyric is written from God's perspective.

" Love of my life, look deep in my eyes, there you will find what you need, give Me your life, the lust and the lies, the past your afraid I might see, you've been running away from Me! Your My beloved, lover I'm yours, death shall not part us, its you I died for, for better or worse, forever we'll be, our love it unites us, it binds you to Me, it's a mystery. Love of My life, look deep in My eyes, there you will find what you need, I'm the Giver of Life, I'll clothe you in whine, My immaculate bride you will be, Oh come running home to Me!"

For God longs for us and for our dirty, dark, evil souls to come to Him so that He so that he can make us clean and give us new life!


  1. John this is so beautiful! You amaze me! Thank you for doing all you can to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God. I am so very, very proud of you!

  2. John, this is so true. We, as followers of Christ, need to give up all of the needless things that seem to get in the way of doing the will of God. God does not want us to literaly sell all that we have because that is not practical in todays world. In Jesus' time, though, His followers could drop and sell everything that they had because they did not have much and hospitality for visitors was very common, so they did not need to have a house in one place or food to take a long. The only things they needed were the clothes on their back, their sandles, and their walking sticks. Nothing to hold them back and very simple. The other thing is we need to let go of all the things that spiritually weigh us down. We should take it to the altar, give it to Christ, and then ask for forgiveness. Thanks for the words of great wisdom.

  3. Hi John,

    (I am an old high school friend of your mother's.) It makes my heart fill with joy when I read of your passion for the Lord! To be so young and have such a desire to seek the Lord and live a life that is glorifying to Him is to be admired. You are an amazing young man! Keep up your writing! :)

    Coincidently, we just had a series of sermons at my church that covered Matthew 13, specifically Matthew 13:44. “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field."

    Heaven IS a treasure and what joy the man must have felt when he discovered that! We should all strive be like him!

    Thanks for sharing your writings! ♥

  4. Dear John,

    You have written a beautiful heartfelt reflection.And yes, Jesus thirsts for us. And He wants us to be "who we are". Jesus is all God and all man. We are made in God's image - our souls are not evil. They have been made for God. We need conversion. Let us look to the saints and ask for their guidance and intercession.

    God bless!

  5. Greetings in Christ John!
    Beautifully written reflection here.
    I will keep you close in prayer as you discern your call to the priesthood...One of my daughters, whose name is Laura, is 13, and also discerns a call to religious life...will you also keep her in prayer? Thanks!
    I also loved what you wrote in your other post about suffering...that it is a gift/blessing, not a burden/punishment.
    SO TRUE...thanks for the reminder!

  6. I see that you've joined benmakesten!
    THANKS so much!
    Hope you'll leave a comment fromt time to time:)

  7. John,
    I found your blog through Judy at BenMakesTen. Your reflection is beautiful. I have lived much of what you write about here. At one time thought my sins were too horrible for God to forgive~He has shown me otherwise. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I will keep your vocation in my prayers.
    God Bless!
    PS~I love 10th Ave North~Thanks for the lyrics; they are beautiful.